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What's Happening at St. John Lutheran Church
Week of March 17, 2019

Second Sunday in Lent

Stephen Ministry Facts

Stephen Ministry Facts:
At the Top – If you’re looking for the best lay caregiving ministry available for today’s church, look no farther. Stephen Ministry is the tops, and we can prove it! Our congregation is committed to providing quality Christian care to those who are hurting by equipping people to serve as Stephen Ministers. Find out more about what Stephen Ministry has to offer. For more information contact Pastor Thomas, Betty Textor or Abby Heemeier.

Stewardship Notes:
  Matthew 15:27 - “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” Faith receives what God gives, because faith knows that God only gives good things. Indeed, God has given us so much more than just crumbs that fall from the table. He has given us life, salvation, body and soul, eyes and ears, possessions and income. That’s where our stewardship starts: with faith in the God who is the greatest Giver.

Wednesday Lent Soup Supper: Sign up list is in the back.

No Host Lunch: Tuesday, the 19th at 4B’s @ Noon. Sign up today or call Freda by 10:00am on Tuesday.

March 31st: Friendship (invite someone) Matins (no Communion) Mites (bring spare change for LWML mission projects) Potluck (bring hot dish, salad, veggies or dessert). Rolls and drinks are provided.
Mission Trip Presentation (Freda’s trip to California).

Lutheran Hour Ministries: Anyone interested in donating, there are envelopes for mailing on the counter by display board in basement. Help Yourself! If unable to financially support them, remember them in your payers.

VBS Quilt: Special thanks to Judy Saur for making a quilt out of blocks that the VBS kids designed in 2014.
Check it out! It’s on a table in the basement. Judy will do the 2018 one later on – giving her a rest.
A decision has not been made yet as to what we will do with the two quilts when done.

Kitchen Calendar: It’s time to start thinking about Lenten Soup Suppers. We need volunteers to sign up for basement duty in April. This involves set up for soup suppers and help with kitchen cleanup. The sign up calendar is on the bulletin board in the kitchen. There are other months available also. Thanks for your help, Betty Textor.

The Lutheran Witness Magazine: If you would like to subscribe to The Lutheran Witness magazine it is $15.96/yr.  Make check out to St. John Lutheran Church and in the memo put Lutheran Witness Magazine. If you would like to renew your subscription please let me know by April 15th. Thank-you, Yvonne Tagney.